Current/former Yale students sued university Wednesday, accusing the school of systematically discriminating against students with mental health problems and pressuring them to withdraw.

Students described being visited in hospital after Yale officials learned of suicide attempts or other mental health problems and being warned that if they didn’t leave the school voluntarily, the university could kick them out involuntarily.

@u2katrina Back in 1977, an alternative student newspaper at MIT ran an expose entitled "MIT Psychiatrists Rape Your Soul". It seems like some things have never changed...

@jeffjarvis and it’s not just Yale. The dark hyperbole at Cornell was that if you jumped from one of the bridges you would been unenrolled by the time you hit the ground so it wouldn’t count in their suicide tally.

Students with mental health issues were offered little support even when in crisis and were held to higher academic standards with little leniency. Student mental health information was also often shared among administrators, departments, and resident hall directors with little concern over privacy.

@u2katrina WTH?!! @UCDavis added outdoor hammocks to chill at the quad and stress relieving animal therapy petting sessions. Pretty sure that is just a microcosm of what they offer but I thought back to my undergrad days and both would have been welcome relief during finals week. Talk about a pretty horrendous way to manipulate the numbers a school has to report. @Yale should be ashamed.

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