@noorul @Purism rebrand an open source project as your own and sell it, classy


@sir @noorul @Purism What they've done is provide hosting for non-experts to make FOSS more accessible. In my opinion, that's a positive contribution to the community.

@sir @noorul @Purism Most people would be overwhelmed by the difference between the source code and the hosting service. Most people just want a finished product they can consume.

@jwinnie @noorul @Purism sure. But what are they going to do with the money? They make no mention of giving back to the communities they're profiting from.

@sir @jwinnie @noorul@quey.org @Purism Purism is using the money to pay people to work on the FOSS projects they use, so that everyone (not just Purism customers) benefit.

@sir @noorul @Purism and the more companies that use an open source product, the higher the chance of it being maintained. Go Purism! Your work is highly appreciated in the FOSS community.

@jwinnie @sir @noorul@quey.org @Purism

Hides all the difficult stuff (like credits, and how things actually work) from the users, check. Gives back to the FOSS community, check. Merely uses FOSS, check. Claims it is not evil, check. Pays people to work on FOSS, check.

I haven't had time to read the entire thread, we are talking about Apple/Google, right?

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