Flickr changes its free tier to 1,000 photos, adds more perks to Flickr Pro, offers 30% discount if you upgrade by Nov 30:

It's worth noting that SmugMug bought Flickr a few months back. It is no longer owned by the mess that is Yahoo/Verizon/Oath.

@chartier huh I'm well over 1000 photos so I now wonder if Flickr will remain relevant for me and so many others

@curtismchale I’m happy to see a decent company buy it away from Verizon/Oath and start rebuilding. I’m close to going Pro, I like Flickr and have started sharing photos there again. I believe in you.

@chartier yes it's good to see them charging. I suppose I get most concerned about the possible loss of CC images that I use for my site. We shall see what happens

@chartier still have to use Yahoo to login though don't you? I'm definitely interested in Flickr again

@chrisWhite They announced that's going away in early 2019; you can eventually use any damn email you want.

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