Half the fucking rain forest is on fire but my news feed tells me about The Matrix 4.

Good work capitalism. Also. Fuck you.


Im pretty sure massive forest fires occurred even before humans were around.

@boilingsteam uh hu. But I think it's still more news worthy than a new movie no one asked for

Yeah but a massive forest fire is something nobody can do anything about. Even firefighters cant contain it and simply evacuate inhabitants. Sad but unactionable.

By the way much bullshit about the rainforest burning. as usual you need to read several sources to get the real story: nytimes.com/2019/08/23/world/a

@boilingsteam I just wanted to be well informed. By my news feed. And it only showed me Hollywood nonsense. That was my point.

What kind of news feed by the way? Facebook? RSS? Twitter?

@boilingsteam Google news feed build into my phone, I know its skewed. that was my point.

at home i use NewBoat

Oh yes Google News Feed is terrible, since it aggregates all "popular stuff people clicked on" which is naturally very different from the real world.

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