Tim Sweeney has a strange habit of disparaging Linux (Ignoring it completely, or saying "Switching to Linux like moving to Canada when you don't like US politics"), taking exclusives away from Steam which is the only real platform supporting Linux gaming (lol GOG)... yet a few days ago he's starting to say "Linux is great", and that EAC Anti-cheat system's WINE support for Proton is still in the works.

Did someone hack his Twitter account? 😉

We don't know if someone took the Sweeney's account, but if he is changing his mind and adopting a "linux fiendly" position we aren't going to complain about. 😜 Someone on Epic's offices are going crazy surely 😅

Words are wind, I will start to believe it when we do see actual steps towards Linux support on Epic's side.

And regardless of their stance on Linux support, my opinion on the Epic Store has not changed: making titles exclusive to their store is an extremely damaging practice on PC.

@boilingsteam why do you think it's damaging to do that? Genuine question, by the way. I haven't seen this debate much, so I don't know what the arguments are for it.

Simple. Its damaging for users not to be able to get their games on every market. In the physical games days you could buy your games anywhere, at any store - that is user friendly.

Its damaging for developers since they lose the opportunity to sell their wares on every marketplace out there.

Its damaging security wise as well as your payment credentials are now exposed to multiple stores instead of one, widening the attack surface.

@boilingsteam @izaya @henriquesga I was just wondering if you're unaware of EA Origin and Ubisoft uPlay or just pretending everything was on Steam up until now

Of course I am aware. But EA, Blizzard and Ubi Soft are mostly publishing their own games, not grabbing third party games with exclusive rights away from other platforms. See the difference?
@henriquesga @izaya

@boilingsteam @henriquesga @izaya sure, but I'm still not buying the payment credentials argument. it seems orthogonal to the actual problem.

fun aside from central europe: Origin was actually a nice place for buying indies because they introduced more regional pricing before Steam did. I know many of my friends bought games there a lot because it was actually affordable as opposed to buying games on Steam at German euro prices in Poland.
@boilingsteam by the way it might be beneficial for you to fix the link to your website in your profile

fixed, not sure why I wrote it this way :/ thanks for checking

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