Welp. Time to learn how this Nextcloud thing works...

Bye bye Dropbox.

@boilingsteam I would use Syncthing but I need something with a cloud base. Essentially I NEED it to be centralized to some degree so I have an off-site back up. That, and Syncthing has always been slow and finicky for me.


@Batcastle Use a server with Syncthing and that becomes your central point. That's what I do at least. After that you can automate backups on that Syncthing folder and that should do most of what you want. About the finicky part and slowness, I have had no such experience so I cant comment on that.

@boilingsteam but I don't have a server or the money to rent/buy one. Nor can I use any of my old computers for that for a variety of reasons.

A Raspberry Pi at 35 dollars will do just fine for Syncthing. Even the 2nd version at lower cost is enough so cost is really a non issue at this stage.

@boilingsteam that's the thing, I have $0 do this with. So even that isn't an option. Honestly doing using Nextcloud through Disroot is just the cheapest thing I could do. 🤷‍♂️

Ok. If you dont run Nextcloud on a server either then Syncthing can also run locally to sync computers that are online at the same time. Note that Nextcloud is not really made for syncing across devices, this is a job where Syncthing is a lot more appropriate

@boilingsteam I understand this. i already use Syncthing to sync my music cause it's not a huge deal if I lose it (cause Syncthing did delete a lot of my data once. But that was user error)

Don't get me wrong, Syncthing is a great project. Just for my needs it doesn't quite fit. Nextcloud is much more of a drop-in replacement for my work flow.

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