All I wanted to say is that Rodhia is normally 80 grams and the notebook you were showing me is 90 so feels different.
And Rhodia paper is made by Clairefontaine (90g by default) but 90g Rodhia does not feel like Clairefontaine either.
Sorry for the vague over-information :)
I don't have a life notebook, but absolutely love their letter paper.


I understood what you meant. Paper, like pens & inks, is a very personal thing. I think I'm in the minority preferring ivory/cream paper.

I don't write many letters. I bought some 68gsm cream Tomoe River. It's a bit thin for me, though.

@SlowRain @LN
You guys got me interested, so I went and found out how grams per square meter compare to pounds for paper weight. 20 pounds = 75gsm. Now I know.-)

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