I have a quick question. I want to buy some Rhodiarama notebooks which aren't available in Taiwan. Is there a good website in France (but not Amazon) that you or other French expatriates use when you want to order things from home? Thanks.

@SlowRain I am terrible... I get my Rhodia from France when I go back... Or the arts and crafts store down the street. I have never ordered any online.


OK. One more quick question. Do you know of a website called FournituresBureautiques.com?

@SlowRain Never heard of it, but that does not really mean much.
Let me know if I can help navigate a French website if needed though.

OK. Thanks for the offer. I'll try to let Google Translate do as much of the legwork as possible so that I'm not constantly bothering you.

Either you're a pretty content expat, or else Canadian stores stock most of what you need. Most foreigners here have to order stuff online from overseas.

@SlowRain Desseres stocks Rhodia, Fabriano, and leuchtturm. I also consume a lot of MUJI paper.
I go back to France twice a year for anything else. :)

@SlowRain I have one from the same "family" (lower page count and dotted) I love the look and feel of the notebook. But as far as 90g paper goes I like original Clairefontaine better. This one almost feels coated.

Now MUJI is not as high quality as Clairefontaine or Rhodia, but you definitely get fountain pen friendly paper at a good price.

I'm fine with the 90gsm paper. I actually prefer ivory/cream to white anyway. My preference for notebook would be Life (L!FE) Noble's in A4 (the blue cover), but Kiowa Pecan takes forever to dry on it, so Rhodia it is. Also, the color of the ink is richer with Rhodia paper.



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