This is about as complicated a as I'm willing to make: a Hot Buttered . Luckily, the ingredients are mostly available locally.

Black sugar
Orange peel
Hot water

This needs a mixing rum with a powerful taste. The 12 may be a tad too gentle.

@SlowRain I don't think I've had Hot Buttered Rum. Where does one get Black Sugar? Would molasses, brown sugar or maple syrup do?

@ChristinaO Maple syrup would work with a very mild-tasting (ie. Havana Club 7). There's even a recipe using burnt sugar on the internet.

Brown sugar would be OK, but Demerara is usually the go-to for Hot Buttered Rum. The spices I add are optional, depending on the flavor profile of the rum.

Here's where I took my ideas from:

@ChristinaO For what it's worth, Chris McMillan, from that YouTube video, is a very well-respected bartender, mixologist, & historian.

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