@acw I'm imagining this having tiles that are anywhere from 10 to 25 cm^2. Put an RGB LED in each of the four corners, with an acetate diffuser on top, and you could do quite a few different effects, including fairly convincing diagonals.

Each tile is self-contained. There are 8-bit TI MSP-430s that run about $0.10 USD in bulk. Make 'em all I2C addressable. Clipping them together routes power and sets up a mesh network. One "special" tile is PSU+master control.

@acw have the master tile be fairly dumb, mostly just a Bluetooth channel to a smartphone and routing to the tiles. Do all the programming and control from the phone.


@acw Color tiles are probably $1.00 USD once you get the design down pat. Master tile is maybe $10. People can buy as few or many tiles as they want and use them for whatever they want. Would make great wall-art, coffee table inlays, dance-floor inlays, etc.

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