We'd like to design awesome stickers for , with as much and as possible. Our graphic designer asks "what do cybersecurity people find funny".

So, what *do* cybersecurity people find funny? :)

Give us all you've got!


The sticker designs are in. We'd like to thank @drwho@mastodon.social @brian@fosstodon.org @athanael and, of course, for ideas (and our graphic designer for implementation).

Find us at and ye shall receive. Stay my friends!

mastodon.cloud/media/E3uA0Nz0O mastodon.cloud/media/gnU-9vFmC mastodon.cloud/media/El1jJFAzz

@cwebber @drwho@mastodon.social @brian@fosstodon.org @athanael thank you. :)

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