“Danske Bank is a worthy recipient of [OCCRP’s 2018 Corrupt Actor of the Year award]. It highlights the role of the criminal services industry in enabling international corruption and crime,” said OCCRP Co-founder and Editor Drew Sullivan.

Read more on why the judges awarded Danske Bank the title here:

This is important. As @OCCRP points out, services industry is largely complicit in money laundering that enables reaping the fruit of crime.

High time to shine some light on that.



The service industry is agile. As its name suggests merely providing a service and registered anywhere. In a globalised world, we require organisation.

@personanonduvda when a bank explicitly provides howtos on tax dodging and money laundering, I think we can all agree that that's kind of going too far.

Also, banks are required to do due diligence, and for very good reasons. They often fail to do that.

So perhaps they should improve how they provide their service, and to whom.


Theyre required to, they understand the rules, but just dont care. Sociopaths?

I think so.

@personanonduvda perhaps. But that's why investigative journalism is important. It points this out, documents it, proves it, and calls them out on it.


I agree. It is very important to disseminate such infromation but sad to see when such things are suppressed by the mostly mainstream.

The push towards decentralised infrastructure can only be a good thing?

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