Fuck it! I'm going camping in Hachijō-jima even if it looks like it's gonna rain.

I found a nice guesthouse that will let me put my tent in their yard and use their facilities.

I don't care if it's cloudy or rainy, as long as I can still go scuba diving on Monday.


It's only a 1h flight, but I'm wearing a KN95 mask and eye protection goggles.
Just in case.

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I also disinfected all surfaces and buttons with a wipe. Just in case.

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So the island which looks like a miniature version of 八丈島 is, unsurprisingly, 八丈小島 (small Hachijo island).

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I went on a hike to the viewpoint for Hachijo-kojima, but it's barely visible in this weather, and it immediately started raining so I got a free shower on the way back ⛈️😩

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I stopped by a pizzeria on the way to my guest house. They only do take away, and they'll deliver to my guest house.

The menu is 90% Italian words. To decode it, you only need to know katakana and some phonetic rules (and Italian, of course):

ゴルゴンゾーラロッソ -> gorugonsōrarosso -> gorgonzola rosso

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I still read very slowly... Took me 15 minutes to read all the titles, skipping the ingredients. And since I'm quite hungry, I took the shortcut...

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@codewiz Most importantly what did you order and how did it taste?

@InternetKevin マルゲリータ, ルコラサラダ and ビール.

With heavy rain and no car, I got lucky to find such good pizza 5 minutes walk from my hostel.

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