Happy Bunnyegg Day, mastonauts! Or Easter, or belated Passover, or just, Sunday!

Aloha tootlers! Mastodonians? Tooters? Do we have a label yet? I don't know what to call us!! Halp!

I'm off Mastodonians. Tooters? OMG what are we called?! Don't forget to stop by for free hugs! <3

Nice people exist, it's a thing. You'll get used to it ;)

Why is everyone complaining about this being "ugly"? Personally, I like the multiple *closeable* frames. I like that if you click on something, then "back", you are indeed taken back to your previous location, not the "home" of the previous location. Stuff being pretty shouldn't matter, but, first world problems I guess? Oh I know! Donate so the creators can add more features! <3


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