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Neologism for a neologistic age: "Minimum viable user"

In my recent comments on Google Chrome, I tossed out a phrase describing the lowest-skilled user a product might feasibly accommodate, or if you're business-minded, /profitably/ accommodate. The hazard being that such an MVU then /drags down/ the experience for others, and in particular expert or experienced users. More to follow.

First, this appears a new coinage:


man, the mastodon pre-star/RT check thing (on new account? is it my Ghostery messing with it?!) is still such a mess... took me like 5 tries before I could star/RT

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Advertising breeds contempt.

And what Google oozes, if not from all pores, than from many now, is contempt for its users.

This isn't a good thing. For either Google, or its users.

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