Just negotiated a 40% discount on an advertising opportunity. How? I asked for it.
(Don’t tell them, but I would have paid full price.)

Just hit inbox zero for the first time in a month. I had all tax form related emails marked unread. Feels good.

Ok FCC let’s make a deal: what if you _just_ suspend the operations of Ajit Pai? Then the agency can keep functioning for longer.


I love showering. I get the best ideas while in the shower. Also, it helps me not stink.

My code works. I shall reward myself by going to bed.

Now I have to reluctantly ask Siri to “check the porridge timer” ಠ_ಠ

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Me: Hey Siri, set a timer for 25 minutes, called Börek

Siri: Ok. A 25 minute porridge timer starting now.


Humans are really good at pattern recognition and really bad at realizing when they’re doing it wrong.

My Series 0 Apple Watch trolled me yesterday. Despite over 11k steps and walking close to 9km, it reported only 2 minutes of exercise.

I think it knows it’s being replaced soon.

Screen Time has clearly never used Slack before. It thinks it belongs in the “Productivity” category...

I removed the iOS beta profile from my iPad and then had it search for software updates. Now it’s installing 12.1 beta. Did I screw something up?

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! I’ll be in Rome in about a week’s time, staying near the Vitoria Emanuele metro stop just south of Roma Termini train station. What are your favorite restaurants in the area that aren’t too touristy? Let me know! Thanks.

I always tell my wife that I prefer to catch and release spiders instead of killing them because they eat mosquitoes.

I think, though, I’m secretly hoping one will bite me and turn me into Spider-Man.

The hardest thing about moving to fish from bash is constantly forgetting that backticks are not used for command substitution.

I was able to quickly mimic the new iPhone XS’s feature that can change a photo’s depth-of-field after a photo was taken.

This was based on principles in a tutorial I wrote for raywenderlich.com


Vacation is over.

I read two books, which is amazing for me (I read slowly). Just didn’t get around to the blog posts I was hoping to write.

Need to fix my blog post drought.

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