Finally got around to watching Your Name (showing at a local theater) 

Without spoiling too much: my heart was literally on an emotional rollercoaster. Kokoro went brokoro then reincarnated then torn apart again and then revived and...ya get the point.

anyone get #tusky working for 

I'm getting an error "this app could not obtain authentication from that server instance". Don't see anything on the github issue page, seems to be working for other instances like

What's critical mass for a network like mastodon? :thinking:

Bonus: Shimamura-kun on a bike

   ( ´・ω・)

but actually, monospace font for my toots would be dope

testing ascii art...
 γ´ ⌒`ヽ
 ( ´・ω・)
   し─ J

Hanging out w/ irl friends: "this is fun but i feel drained...i want to go home"

Hanging out here reading through random feeds by total strangers: "yes. i can stay here forever. this is where i belong"

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