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"#ElonMusk hat von vielen Dingen keine Ahnung. Und von dem, was er bisher gesagt hat, lässt sich durchaus schließen, dass er auch keine Ahnung hat, wie man eine Social Media Plattform leitet.

Elon Musk wird ziemlich bald [mit #Twitter] auf die Nase fallen. Und dann wird der extremen Rechte das Lachen im Halse stecken bleiben." -

Ich, vor keinen 3 Wochen.

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I haven’t grown 26K fans in a day since the early days of social media! Welcome to all who are now here with me. Let’s make new adventures together.

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I’m coping with the stress of finding all my favorite people on Mastodon by pretending they’re Pokémon. “Yesssss, just caught JordanLHawk! New one for the Mastodex!”

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“I alone can fix it” didn’t work in the White House, and it didn’t work at #Twitter.

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I stare at the genie.
"What?" I say.
"I will grant you two wishes. Riches, health, fame, wisdom, knowledge, power, contentment, beauty, whatever you want."
It's too... I can't- How could I... I'll get it wrong!
"I wish I will never regret my wishes."
"Granted. And your second?"
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

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Hmm. #FreeKathy is a strange hashtag. Seems to me she actually IS free, now. Flee, you fool! *flap* *flap* *flap*

Kann ich heute was schreiben? Oder kriege ich immer noch 500er. Ich versuche ja eine andere Instanz zu finden. Diese hier scheint überfüllt.

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Dear #twitter refugees,

your #twittermigration will only have an impact when you delete your Twitter account as well. Otherwise Musk will still claim that Twitter is larger network.

But take your time to arrive here, add a link to your Mastodon/Fediverse profile in your Twitter profile, crosspost from Mastodon to Twitter (and not vice versa!) and help others to migrate as well.

Also don't forget to support your local instance by donating.

#TwitterTakeover #fediverse #newhere

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Curious about joining the #TwitterMigration? Not sure where to go? Here's a handy list for #researchers & #academics: fediscience.org/server-list.ht
Pick one and sign up! They all interconnect, and you can easily move servers later...


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