During stay-at-home period, I build a PiDP-8 (Raspberry Pi-based PDP-8 replica) kit.

Good morning, folks! GI’s CP-1600 has arrived! It has PDP-11 compatible instruction sets. Cool!

Good morning, folks! I am afraid that Comic Market 98 is cancelled due to outbreak of COVID-19.

How many times must a man pass by the store before he/she can buy one roll of toilet paper. The answer, my friend, is in the warehouse(s) of resellers.

Good morning, folks! LED-blinking by FORTH on Nucleo F411RE board.

Good morning, folks! FORTH (Mecrips-Stellaris) is now working on Nucleo F411RE! Cooool!

Good morning, folks! 5-10-years-old HP officejet 100 printer works!

Good morning,folks! Digital 1-bit read implemented by using CPLD (ATF1504AS).

Good morning, folks! I implemented 1-bit digital output feature by using CPLD.

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