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【Regarding transferee of mstdn.jp / mastodon.cloud】
The transferee of mstdn.jp / mastodon.cloud will be Sujitech, LLC.


PDP-8 instruction-compatible CMOS microprocessor HD 1-6120 and Arduino Mega 2650 clone in action. Arduino Mega 2560 emulates RAM for HD 1-6120. 12x2 LEDs shows address and data.


During stay-at-home period, I build a PiDP-8 (Raspberry Pi-based PDP-8 replica) kit.

Hi, Folks! I’m alive. COVID-19 pandemic is terrible indeed.

Hi, everyone! I have been staying at home due to COVID-19 situation. COVID-19 is terrible and WHO is useless...

Good morning, folks! I am investigating Doxygen (automatic documentation generator).

Good morning, folks! A state of emergency is declared today in Tokyo at last....

Good morning, folks! A state of emergency is soon declared in Tokyo, I suppose.

Good morning., folks! The situation is getting far more serious rapidly than I have been thought....

Hello, folks. While outing is banned, buying food and drinking water is of course important but somewhat difficult. However, what is, I think, really difficult is to buy something to make life colorful and enjoyable such as books, hobby items, Anime Blu-ray Discs, components required for your next project, etc., etc. IMHO.

Good morning, folks! Maybe I have to stay home this weekend . The metropolitan government requests so, I suppose.

Hello folks! It’s a cold day today and number of confirmed COVD-19 cases is still increasing...

Good morning, folks! Cherry blossoms are in full bloom!

Good morning, folks! GI’s CP-1600 has arrived! It has PDP-11 compatible instruction sets. Cool!

Good morning, folks! I am afraid that Comic Market 98 is cancelled due to outbreak of COVID-19.

How many times must a man pass by the store before he/she can buy one roll of toilet paper. The answer, my friend, is in the warehouse(s) of resellers.

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