Good morning, folks! GI’s CP-1600 has arrived! It has PDP-11 compatible instruction sets. Cool!

Good morning, folks! I am afraid that Comic Market 98 is cancelled due to outbreak of COVID-19.

How many times must a man pass by the store before he/she can buy one roll of toilet paper. The answer, my friend, is in the warehouse(s) of resellers.

Good morning, folks! This morning I am pleased to announce that I will participate in 4th day of Comic Market 98 (May 2-5, 2020, International Exhibition Center, Ariake, Japan). Booth number is ウ36b (South hall).

Good morning, folks! Nine years ago, the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake wiped out tens thousands of lives.

Good morning, folks! Will Comic Market 98 be held as planned? I hope so but....

Good morning, folks! It’s a good chance to stay home and make some gadgets away from SARS-CoV-2.

Good morning, folks! New Coronaviral disease is now becoming prevalent...

Good morning, folks! LED-blinking by FORTH on Nucleo F411RE board.

Good morning, folks! I am wondering whether Comic Market 98 can be held...

Good morning, folks! I have caught a cold again... cold. Not a COVID-19. I hope so.

Good morning, folks! Oops. Long delay due to accident resulting in injury/death.

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