Please boost to help me find more geographers, I can't possibly be the only one in tootland.

@xlenc I took one geography class in college and the prof had all the lectures recorded and the first one started with “My mom is always bragging to her friends about her son the geologist. And I have to tell her, ‘I’m not a geologist, Mom, I’m a geographer. It’s different’” and it was very petulant and it’s what I remember most😸 but it actually was a fun class

@KittenFish87 I study carceral geography and my mom still occasionally asks me to explain what prisons have to do with rocks. The confusion between the disciplines is so hard to untangle!

@xlenc 😹That makes me think of prisoners breaking rocks which makes it completely unfunny again but anyway that sounds really interesting and I’m completely unfamiliar with it.


@KittenFish87 I mean, in all fairness one of my case studies involves prison labor in a California quarry so that isn't actually far from the mark!

@xlenc Oh god that’s so depressing that is STILL a thing but at least it’s not going on with no one paying attention!

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