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Live looping a song & singing while walking down the street? Kawehi is awesome.

@willimac More like they're willing to trade off large video for instant access to the next cat video.

@willimac I try to get my kids to do the same thing: rotate for a larger video. Turns out they like having the menu visible and being able to switch to the next video the second they get bored.

@Brook Are you ready for the kind of crowd that would be attracted to a domain like ? LOL. Scary thought, TBH.

Ah, the kids are alright.

New Pittsburg, Kan., High School principal resigns after student journalists question her credentials

@shelholtz Ello was Google+ for art, was Twitterlike but tiny, Plurk was a fun timeline with tamagotchis. Mastodon reminds me more of *Diaspora !

@todrobbins MASTADON would be the Gangsta rap version of Mozart's opera, Don Giovanni.

@isagalaev But... doesn't the pencil sharpener make a grating noise? Or are you using the smaller, manual ones?.

Still wish there was an edit button on tweets/toots. How about a 30 second rule.

Is Tusky the only released client for Mastodon right now?

@mikeauclair Or get an email alert 2 years from now that your account has had an illegal login.

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