"In my heart, I try to hold on / But your love slips like shadows through thin, shaking fingers." youtube.com/watch?v=uNsczRPSRN

@sophia@glitterkitten.co.uk That would be Chumbawumba

@pandora_parrot Listening to it now. Loving the 80s new wave/synthpop on your tracks. And those deep 808s.

Looking for new to listen to. Send me your links! Send me your tunes! My ears need a breath of fresh air.

@ianrbuck Happens at all the largest companies in the world, so... no pressure. ;)

@pandora_parrot Oh my bad, you already mentioned Dropbox. Disregard my response.

@pandora_parrot Ah makes sense. If you have all the tools to finish a track on one, no need to transfer to another. Wouldn't it make things difficult though when, say, you're trying to decide on what tracks to put together into an EP or album?

@pb Just use a web based RSS reader and have it email you weekly about the stuff you missed. LOL

@pandora_parrot So how do you sync the music you make on portable to your desktop?​ Via cloud? USB? SD​ card?

@natecull So,this is their answer to Chromebooks? Hopefully they don't force Win 10 S on new desktops down the road.

If life has taught me anything it's that when you hear "with all due respect", somebody's about to get disrespected. Hardcore.

@timrowe @RussSharek Listening to Noir et Blanc right now. Quite soothing. 👍

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