Maybe this is the one that will stick? Hello, World.

@wilw Have no idea wtf this is all about, but I do what Xeni says, so I'm here. Howdy.

Hey Wil! Hmm... but how do we know if this is the real Wil Wheaton without any verification in place?@wilw

@wilw Hello. Maybe the one that will stick and avoid ruin from trolls, bigots, misogynists, and Russian bots?

@wilw cheers for tweeting about tooting. Now I'm tooting too.


public class HelloWorld{
public HelloWorld(){
System.out.println("Hello World ");

@wilw Oh boy, another Social Media Platform to get onto! Time Sink ahoy!

@wilw Perhaps when you remember which instance you actually signed up with :) do'h

@wilw I hope so but am a bit confused right now by it.
Carlie says you love Linux Journal. I am the guy who started it -- but have escaped to Guatemala.

@wilw What's sticky and falls from a mastodon? Your account!

@wilw @walker welcome , glad others are just as confused as I am in how this thing works.

@wilw But how do we know you're actually Wil Wheaton?

"Uncle Leo??"

"Jerry, you ratted me out!"



@wilw Let's see for sure! Though it does feel like a clone of Twitter right now.

@wilw let's hope so. Only for the fact I was actually able to secure my name for once.

@wilw hi. Guess this is the only one I could get on?


@wilw hello wil! 👍🏼🖖🏼

@wilw Thanks for tweeting about this, looking forward to exploring mastodon. Bring Anne along, she's awesome <3

@wilw hi Wil, thanks for introducing me to Mastodon.

@wilw Will be interesting to see what happens. Howdy, by the way.

@wilw Hmmmm. Maybe this social network will fare a little better.

@wilw maybe, you're hear, the question is will you come back and help make it worth something? I'm going to try, but I can often get dis...

@wilw Hey Wil - speaking of , wanna keynote @ApacheCon in Miami? We loved you in 2004!


Hey, this is , so I've got lots of characters left! I still have the signed Just A Geek copy you got then, and we all went to the ST in after - very fun seeing your reactions!

Thanks for considering - let me or Rich Bowen know if you're interested!

@wilw I hope Mastodon sticks around too... I feel confident at this point that it *might*

@wilw Hmmm...guess not, eh? Sigh...keep waiting for something new to get a critical mass. But when you first brought this up on twitter, I couldn't create an account here - may have prevented others too.

@iluxan @wilw I guess William Shatner couldn't find him so he lost interest?

@wilw Fingers crossed. So far, the tone is much nicer.

@wilw hi Wil.

Is that you? You don't seem to be active here, how comes?


Following you here after THIS post:

Now all I need (for now) is for you to start posting updates here 😇

@wilw It's like Tweetdeck but without the tweeters ^_^


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