@Eweish1 I have no problem with trans women. There's a pretty big lie circulating that I do, and I think it's because the blocklist I originally used at the birdsite was made by someone else, who put a lot of trans women on it. I *always* removed trans women from my version of the list when I found out who they were, and even stopped sharing it entirely when I found out I couldn't remove all of them.

So I'm not anti-trans, or anything else (except anti-people-being-dicks-to-other-people).

@wilw that's a big fucking lie dude. You've done the bare minimum and left folks to rot because of that.

Log off dillweed.

Block lists are for cowards anyway Wil. You should have known better.
If you think people are just going to sit back and watch people like you come here and use your influence or money or what ever tf you used to ruin the bird site and basically the country you should probably go hide in your little counter neolib/neocon echo chamber where you're safe. This isn't the bird site :birdsite: :angery:

@wilw that isn’t denying that you snitched, dude.

@wilw learning that this is a whole 'thing' last night, I kinda figured this was the case. Gamer gate was a real shit show and if I'd seen someone advertising a comprehensive and effective block list I would have used it too. That list maintainer was a scummy manipulative terf might not have registered with me right away. She duped a lot of people.

Thank you for the clarification post, sorry some people are bringing their toxic behavior to your Timeline, thats not what most of mastodon is like.

@wilw Hey there, if this is so, can you then finally remove me from your blocks/blocklist?

I'm one of the affected trans women, and you've had me blocked for years without reason, because of Randi's blocklist. I'm just @natanji over there. Would be really great if what you say is true and this finally leads me to get unblocked.

@wilw And while you are at it, you could look at - the people followed by this account are, like me, maliciously added to various blocklists. A majority of them are trans women, probably you still block a lot of them on Twitter.

It's been incredibly hurtful over the years, so finally unblocking us on Twitter would be the least you could do to make amends.


I hope you understand that trans women find it hard to trust you or see you positively when you have caused them this much harm and, quite clearly, have been a huge dick to them.

And I personally never saw you make amends for this particular dickery. But hey, this is a fresh start on Mastodon - so I'm curious what you will do! But only claiming "I have no problem with trans women" is definitely not enough after what you did. You did harm us, you did harm me personally.

@wilw And the harm continues. With your influence, I noticed every few months that yet another US celebrity from nerd/gaming circles has me blocked. It is *very* likely due to what your blocklist did.

So yeah, it'd be great if you could publicly support trans women now. Maybe toot out the aforementioned Twitter @unblock_list account so that folks following you here can check their blocks as well?

Just a suggestion on a tiny bit of healing you could do. I'm curious if you're gonna do anything.

@wilw your epic block list seems to have garnered a lot of ill will toward you. Perhaps you should apologize and state unequivocally that trans women are real women.

@wilw Wil it's great that you've finally decided to talk about how you've harmed trans women. Does this mean you're also going to talk about how you harm all women by remaining friends with Chris Hardwick and being silent about his abusive behavior? You know, since you're anti-people-being-dicks-to-other-people, surely you're going to cut this abusive asshole out of your life?

@wilw you blocked me on the bird site for pointing out, not even impolitely, that you were shouting down a woman of color for calling you racist, which then meant I was automatically blocked by dozens of other people. You really don't know what's wrong with this, do you?

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