Time - Pink Floyd, with art and animation by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney.Time

This is amazing.

@wilw Wir haben den Song damals in der Oberschule analysiert
We analyzed the song in high school back then

And I like it
// @Mdarkbyte

@wilw and to be clear, this was Walt himself, not Walt Disney studios or whatever.

@wilw I see your video and raise you an even better-synced video.

This is "I Feel the Dark" off "Heritage" by Opeth. Great song, album and band (if you look around for Opeth music, know that they used to be a progressive death metal band; Heritage and later albums are prog rock).

@hardcorenarrativist @wilw I will see both your Times and raise you both a Welcome to the Machine; which freaked my crap out when I was a teen. Loved it!!

@PresGas But that's the actual video of the song, right?

The cool thing about the other two is that they fit fairly well a short video made independently (the same video, actually) 😃

Cool video (and song, of course), though!

@wilw I read somewhere that Dali and the main animator he worked with didn't like the original song that much - it was a mandate from higher ups.

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