@wilw Same. After Planet of the Apps, I’m not quite sure of Apple’s ability to put out TV content.

@wilw it *might* be absolutely fantastic, like "altered carbon".

That one made me go back and forth: the book is better, no the series, no the book. Quite enjoyed both.

Or it might go like so many other books... Let's stay carefully optimistic. The second greatest ever sf-series (after dune), on screen! Woop!


@wilw I can dig it. I will definitely check this out if it happens. Thanks for the share!

@freemo @wilw
I hope amazon will not mess the The Culture series up :X

@wilw I haven't read that in so long. I wonder if I should, or let the movies replace my dimmed memories of the books for a while.

I will be honest. I am pessimistic they can do it justice. Asimov Foundation series is the foundation of my life love for everything SciFi and technology. (pun not really intended)

@Otudas @wilw yeah, it’s hard to see them doing it without really artificially ramping up the action

Could be awesome, but even if it's terrible it could still be fun to watch! 100% in favor of it happening! The weirdest thing about it is probably Apple (and other tech companies) moving into seriously producing entertainment, rather than just delivering it. Just learned Facebook is doing original series now too.

@wilw I’m trying think, who is the guy you love to hate in the trilogy? It’s been years since I’ve read it. Maybe the officer who was turned by the Mule in book 2? That’s who you should play.

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