@wilw @lorabe when an actor you love uses a DE you where part in creating o.O
I'm fan girling hard right now

@wilw @lorabe
Also since Breeze the base theme for Plasma was based on Star Trek "positive futurism" I think the full circleness of this just makes me a bit too happy

@ohyran @wilw @lorabe Wow, any source for this? Sounds awesome, I didn't know this 😀

@ohyran @wilw @lorabe Oh I just realized who you are now, you saying this seems like a good source 😅

@kiview @wilw @lorabe
One day I need to liberate the early design talks from Google hangouts 😃

@ohyran @wilw @lorabe I'm also a Debian Developer and am pretty happy to see this too.

You're welcome, wilw I'm glad you're enjoying our communities work. :)

@wilw @ohyran @lorabe

One moment while I run off excitedly to share link to this toot with family members.

@alienghic @wilw @lorabe
I will go off and be too happy for words right now o.O

@wilw @lorabe Plasma is the KDE DE 😊 (with KDE meaning the community instead of DE nowadays).

@jofazepa @wilw @lorabe Me too, on OpenSUSE (or however you capitalize that these days)


What i wanna know is that if Wesley Crusher uses Debian with KDE/Plasma Desktop, what does does that Jean Luc use? (OpenSuse?)

Does Geordi La Forge use a framebuffer only Gentoo with custom Visor interface?

Who on the TNG uses Arch? (Data or Riker?)

Does Worf use Ubuntu, with Unity.. And is the Enterprise Meltdown/Spectre proof?

@lorabe @chriswere
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