I've been using it since ... 2000? 2001? Something like that. It's still my primary desktop environment, and my favorite distro. Happy 25th birthday, !


Didn't know you were a linux dude, pretty cool! 😎 👍

@wilw Are you running it on super old hardware, because you can?

@wilw do they still do a version on the FreeBSD kernel? I stopped with BSD and Linux desktops at some point, I continuously tinker with the servers.

@arjankoole @wilw Sort of?
There's still work, but apparently the kFreeBSD port is now an unofficial release. (I'm guessing they need more help with people fixing porting issues).

@Wil Wheaton Wow, I didn't know you were a fellow Linuxite. I wonder if you have tried to go full libre with an FSF-endorsed distro like Parabola.
Same - I used Parabola for six months, clunkiest experience of my life. Especially with #LibreJS on, most pages were unusable.

@wilw Without deb, you don't get Ubuntu. Without Ubuntu, you don't get Linux Mint, my distro. Love ya, grandma #Debian!

@wilw I think I’ve seen say he had an Ubuntu box? I know Cory Doctorow must run some Linux, and I’ve tried pitching #linux to Nick Harkaway via the bird site...wonder if any other creatives use an alternative OS?

@wilw You being a Linux guy is not really suprising to me but also makes me super happy.

@wilw Was a Debian user/fan for years, still am. But now days I'm using elementary and Pop_os! for most my machines.

Servers are still Debian though :D

The question, @wilw, is are you running #Debian stable, testing or unstable?

@wilw I ventured into rolling territory with #Manjaro for a bit (which is still a great distro) but I'm really appreciating #Debian stable myself at the moment.

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