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I could go home. Alternatively, I could stay at work and write endless emails.

Choosing option 2. This is why my employer and others offer in-house coffee/snacks/etc. Because capitalism enables me to avoid my own life.

Every time I watch the Parks and Recreation season 6 episode 12 I promise myself I won't cry. And every time I fail.

Also these guys.

Lord of the Rings mandala, says 'not all those who wander are lost' in Tengwar;


Signed prints on A4 200gsm card, $20 USD which includes worldwide postage. Payment via PayPal, message or yell at me to buy one!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Jwu are we really having cw discourse?

Well, for the sake of everyone in the room, we did try normalizing cws for politics awhile back. It never really worked.

People will use cws and Masto as they see fit so treat cws as a personal practice and mute/block people whose posts you don't like. Peace out

me, a fool: I should go to bed
me, a bigger fool: just 15 minutes of Skyrim


2017 was a shit year. Best friend's roommate was kidnapped and murdered. Wife's uncle was murdered. Friend's mom lost her fight with cancer. Started separation/divorce proceedings.

I'm glad for 2018. I truly hope it's better.

We are the Borg. Your planet will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

We will add your technological and biological distinctiveness to our professional network on BorgedIn

Please like and share our starship.

Actually I have three. I still have to deshed the other cat.

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My unread acquisitions from 2017. I'm making them a 2018 priority. Books include Provenance, Artemis, Six Wakes, and Ninefox Gambit.

It is 6°F and I had a migraine yesterday on my birthday. I'm staying under my electric blanket forever, thanks.

Super adulting: ordering a replacement battery for my (non-IoT) Roomba.

No. 1 pet peeve in business communications: IMs that say "hey".

Do you want/need something? Say what it is. Don't make me engage you in a back-to-back after you interrupted me. I'm required to be interruptable so respect that availability and get to the point. We can chat later.

I've found to be increasingly unreliable. Any recommendations for other good instances?

I'm a nerd waiting in line at the DMV, AMA 😐😥🤤😭

Looking for people on mastodon which toot #vegan japanese-ish recipes (in either Japanese, English, French or German).
I'd appreciate a nudge, if you know any :).

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