On the one hand, my cat is on my lap and I would rather suffer death by a thousand cuts than disturb her. On the other, she's gently kneading her claws into my soft flesh, so I guess I get to follow through!

Holy shit, Black Bolt: Hard Time was phenomenal. Well done, @saladinahmed (and your team). That was...really something.

Sending myself to sleep with @neiltyson and Cosmos. It's good to remind yourself of your place in all this at the end of the day, and that you are made of star stuff.

I finished a painting tonight. Feels cathartic.

I met @saladinahmed today and he was every bit as rad in person as I'd hoped (thanks @VaultOfMidnight!). Turning in with new comics to read and spur my imagination.

Once again I am proving that I cry every time I watch Apollo 13.

Do you shoot portraits? If so, do you use a stock model release, or did you have one drawn up by a lawyercat? I shoot photos of my friends and want to formalize the releases (which I currently do not have).

Brainwave: typo'd "hexsters" which is making me think about a world with some low-magic spellcasters that travel the world taking advantage of those that discriminate against them, and use their gifts to fleece credulous bigots.

I am very tired. I'm getting a great lesson already learned by so many in how capitalism profits from burnout. I'm being well compensated and am generally very privileged so I'm grateful for the chance to learn from relative comfort.

With that said: reject the narratives about "hustling". They are stories told by huxsters willing to burn you out for a buck and profit off your dessicated corpse.

Instead of marching today I'll be working, because capitalism. Tear down the patriarchy for me, friends.

Watching friends play a random board game I don't know the title of is a LOT like watching Cones of Dunshire on Parks and Recreation. Incomprehensible.

Decided not to impulse-buy a Canon A-1. Did stock up on Tri-X 400 and Portraits 400 though.

@burendasan good luck! I hope it (and some critiques) prove beneficial 😊

That moment when your manager tells you you're the most senior person on the project and you're like "No, I think X is more senior" and they say "That wasn't a question, I've checked" and you're both honored and terrified :|

Woke myself out of a nightmare so naturally I'm shopping for art supplies online.

I put on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (Colbert ep) and was horrified by Seinfeld's transphobic jokes inside a minute. Mostly because of how little the Gen Xers the show is aimed at will question it.


For the love of the old gods, please please please don't run, Oprah. Another billionaire, even one as badass and competent as yourself, isn't the solution to Trump and America's political problems.

There are so many well-qualify women of color in government that would make amazing candidates.

2001: Ha ha Linux could even run on a toaster! j/k
2011: Wow this toaster actually runs Linux. It’s not a joke anymore.
2021: Please pay the ransomware to receive your toast.

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