“Making : Checklist for meetings, conferences, training, and presentations that are remote/virtual, in-person, or hybrid” from the @w3c / @wai


Always enjoyed reading through TechNation 📄 reports for a non-London-centric view of the UK's digital industry so sad to hear of its closure due to removal of funding from DCMS (who instead are awarding the money to Barclays Bank 🤔).


An interactive 🗺 map of communities most under threat from 🏚🌊 coastal erosion.


“The coastal communities identified by One Home that will lose the most homes are in Cornwall, Cumbria, Dorset, East , Essex, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Northumberland, Norfolk and Sussex.”

GOV.UK stats for January‡ (1-31):
- Chrome - 48.45%
- Safari - 31.48%
- Edge - 12.46%
- Samsung Internet - 4.61%
- Firefox - 1.39%
- Android Webview - 0.51%
- Safari (in-app) - 0.44%
- Opera - 0.25%
100% = 110,217,695
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i randomly remembered that the Yamaha Music Siren exists and now i will be watching these videos for the rest of the day , ありがとうございます

‘Designing for our Future Selves’ a Design Museum exhibition that “… explores how is transforming the way society can support everyone to age with greater agency and joy.”


The 🎶 Musicians’ 📋 Census 2023

“The first ever will paint a comprehensive picture of the industry as a whole … mapping the total population of musicians and learning what musicians’ lives and careers look like”


I love reading and learning about new things. And I love to share the things I struggle with or that helped me to become better in what I do.

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✨ Need help with user interviews?
I wrote a guide on how to plan, prepare and facilitate them, and created some UX cards and Miro/Figjam workshop boards to help you write your questions and interview guides more effectively! stephaniewalter.design/blog/th

"Things to do and not to do during a wave of tech layoffs"
A lot of people are losing their jobs in tech right now and I've been part of this a few times. Here are some things I learned that helped making it less of a mess.

My employer Deque Systems has openings for all types of jobs relating to digital accessibility! deque.com/company/careers/#ope #a11y #jobs

🔐 ‘User needs for people with learning and cognitive disabilities - logging in and

“… the first in a series talking about for people with learning and .”


^ via @vickytnz

🎟 ‘A Beginner’s Guide to ’ from TPGi.

“… , and design … practical tips that everyone … can apply to make digital experiences more and usable.”


^ via @vickytnz

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