‘Civil servants are users too - it’s important they have access to services that are easy to use.’

I’m re-reading: Services for government users #GovDesign

🌳 “The huge value of standing alone and in small groups in the has been revealed in a new report, which found they provide billions of pounds worth of benefits to people every year. The trees capture climate-heating CO2, reduce toxic air and slow the flow of rainwater, cutting risks.”


Looking to emulate 🖱️ Game Making Legend @grumpygamer?

@Raspberry_Pi have provided a guide to making your own 🐒 -style adventure game available here. ⤵️


🚀 ‘In Search of Tomorrow’ - “A nostalgic journey through '80s , exploring their impact and relevance today, told by the artists who made them and by those who were inspired to turn their visions into reality.”



If you’re an academic, community or charitable/non-profit organisation and wish to visit the Accessibility Discovery Centre, email ⤵️

📧 adclondon@google.com

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I find it so striking to look side-by-side at User Interviews's #UXResearch Tools Maps from 2019, 2020, & 2021 📈

There's been noticeable growth in the UXR tools landscape over the past 3 years, w/ the introduction (& evolution) of robust, purpose-built solutions.

This year, there were so many new tools that we had to radically (& I mean ✨radically✨) re-design the map to fit them all!

Explore the new 2022 UX Research Tools Map: userinterviews.com/ux-research

#ux #userresearch #researchops #product

🏥 Healthcare 📦 Amazon 

‘Introducing Clinic, a virtual service that delivers convenient, affordable care for common conditions.’


⚠️ ‘Design for Emergency’ - “An open platform to face emerging challenges through design.”


I said that Mastodon moderation wouldn't scale, I was wrong. The cultural differences will likely continue to maintain a friendlier atmosphere regardless of size.


The Norwegian Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet) has published a new report on Deceptive Design. It covers:

- Norwegian examples of deceptive design
- Norwegian consumers’ experiences with deceptive design.
- Legal provisions possibly regulating deceptive design in Norway


An interesting read on the current state the industry finds itself in.

While not an optimistic view, it provides some useful perspectives on where we find ourselves and on areas that *could* be improved as a Profession. 🤔


💷 📉 Cost of Living Crisis 

A sad state of affairs when our ⚽️ League needs to step in to fill gaps in support for not provided by the 🏛 . 🤔

However, here we are so the has today launched ‘Together – Supporting Communities’, an initiative to provide

“… a variety of support to those hit the hardest, with foodbanks, clothing donations and … ‘heat hubs’ for members of disadvantaged communities in England and Wales.”


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