I appreciate that WK's example sentence for 米穀 acknowledges the homonym




Amusing kanji compounds that Wanikani teaches me:

「方向音痴」 is a person with no sense of direction, a combination of "direction" and "tone deaf."

I've already managed to defeat Mastodon's 500 character limit. Whoops :-)

Good morning!

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Every year the dragon landed outside the town, and asked for a sacrifice to volunteer.
Every year a young person stepped forth: hesitantly, resignedly, or even gladly.
Every year the dragon took the sacrifice away, and left them with a loving family far away.
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今晩に100枚以上いるな 😩


Sweet. Mastalab lets me highlight and copy text, so I can use the Japanese popup dictionary app. Twitter insists on being difficult and doesn't let you do that. Usually I just need to look up one or two words, so this is nice


日本語のユーザーが「local timeline」をチャットルームとして使用しますか

I mostly use twitter to lurk, so my experience is pretty OK regarding trolls and abuse. But lots of the folks I follow are having big problems, so I made a Mastodon account to anticipate a mass migration ✌️


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