I'm checking out the Mastodon web-client Elk elk.zone

At first blush, it makes the Mastodon experience "much more like the , without the tainted flavors of a website owned by a rather nasty troll..."

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If you’re wondering why egg prices are so high, @rbreich has a helpful explainer write up. It’s also a good case study of how news outlets can distort & obfuscate facts, spinning conclusions to match existing political biases: robertreich.substack.com/p/whe

Whoa, this is SUPER helpful! It's like the "WebWhacker" of old!

: archive.ph/

Can save / archive text & image content, including Twitter "Moments" like this:

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Exposure to the Russian Internet Research Agency foreign influence campaign on Twitter in the 2016 US election and its relationship to attitudes and voting behavior nature.com/articles/s41467-022

Other emerging social media platforms to watch:

spill-app.com/ (by former Twitter engineers)

post.news/ (touted by Kara Swisher)

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I listened to this fantastic [PODCAST] yesterday morning & evening, & finished it this morning. What a fantastic conversation about Twitter & social media, section 320, content moderation, regulation, & so much more! Guests: Patrick Beja, Brianna Wu, and Shoshana Weissmann


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