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The article "The only job a robot couldn’t do" by Daniel Carter is an eye opening read about the "Gig Economy" and raises a host of issues which relate to digital citizenship . Definitely a recommended read: theoutline.com/post/2393/the-o

If you're a Google administrator (GSFE / Gsuite) I highly recommend checking out the GSFE Admin's Podcast. Episode 17 was particularly good covering a range of issues, including the importance of mandating 2 step for all users in your domain, recent security incidents involving Google schools, IP printing, and more. Great stuff: llennon.podbean.com/e/episode-

This has been a long time coming... I wrote a post last night: Why I’m Switching from iPhone to Android (Part 1) speedofcreativity.org/2017/11/

After listening to several educational podcasts today, including a great interview with Dr. Mitch Resnick about his new book, " Lifelong Kindergarten: Cultivating Creativity through Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play," I was inspired to record a new podcast on "Moving at the Speed of Creativity." I titled it "EdTech Struggles and Aspirations." It's just over 48 minutes long: speedofcreativity.org/2017/09/

I recorded a 15 minute narrated slideshow using some slides I shared recently with elementary teachers at my school, and posted this online tonight in "Considering Audience and Purpose for Classroom Websites." speedofcreativity.org/2017/08/

I wrote a post this weekend about the mobile media scavenger hunt platform and app, GooseChase. My wife and I have used GooseChase for three different workshops this summer, and it has been great! Highly recommend it. speedofcreativity.org/2017/08/

Oh this Model 3 announcement from Tesla is such GOOD news! Our transition from fossil fuel vehicles can't come soon enough... bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

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From post by Troy Hicks: "... relevance, relationships, and reflection are at the heart of learning, for both kids and adults. No secret here; just a gentle reminder that great learning takes all three of these elements, and those elements are fostered through sustained immersion in an intensive, sometimes disruptive, yet ultimately supportive and growth-oriented environment." Yep. Via hickstro.org/2017/07/29/the-th

I published the audio from a conference session I shared Monday in St Marys, Kansas, titled "So Much More Room for iPad Activities." audio.speedofcreativity.org/20

The almost-weekly podcast and webshow I co-host with Jason Neiffer, "The EdTech Situation Room," will be BACK tonight on YouTube Live at 9 pm Central. Please join us and check out our past archives! (32 kbps audio & low res video versions) edtechsr.com/

Higher resolution video versions available on YouTube:

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Found an iOS app like that supports Markdown and Google Drive called GoCoEdit. Out of what I looked at, it seemed the most useful, so went ahead and picked it up for $6.99. gocoedit.com/


Google has a new, combined software program for syncing/backing up files and photos to the cloud. Not compatible with GSuite accounts, however, those will use "Drive File Stream" coming later this year. Read more on: 9to5google.com/2017/07/12/goog

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And...another edition is up:

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 22 Edition) - including a deep dive and some questions spurred by a recent ACLU report on student privacy while using school-provided devices.

edtechstrategies.com/news/a-th #edtech #privacy

This weekend I made good progress on adding badging to my summer "iPad Media Camp" workshop. I'm using BadgeList & Credly. Would love any feedback or suggestions! I still have many badges to add, and plan to create instructional videos for each as well... docs.google.com/document/d/1x6

We really enjoyed watching the Thunderbirds at the air show at Tinker Air Force Base Saturday!

The Google i/o keynote from today is mind blowing! I watched about half of it tonight on YouTube... so amazing, especially to see examples of how Google has moved from a "mobile first" to an "AI first" paradigm. Jason Neiffer and Ben Wilkoff shared their highlights and takeaways from the keynote tonight in episode 52 of "The EdTech Situation Room" podcast: edtechsr.com/2017/05/17/edtech