In May at the conference, I recorded a short [VIDEO] interview about “SchoolCal,” which syncs all calendar events (& participants) from your SIS to Google Calendar. Super powerful & helpful!

Definitely one of the best creations of Oklahoma brewers… A rare indulgence for me.

Here’s an invitation to a short “health poetry challenge.”

In exactly seven words, summarize your “Personal Journey of Health: Past, Present and Future.”


“Forlorn. Healthy habits bring results and hope!”

“Fat sad. Inspired to change and transform!”

“Bad food habits transform into healthy choices!”

“Hopeless and confused becomes confident and healthy!”

“Turns out over fifty doesn’t mean dead.”

Learn more about Chris Cheng & his journey from Google into the firearms industry on his Medium site:

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I've been remiss in not posting about #MYFest22 here rather than on that bird site, but anyone interested in education should visit the full MYFest schedule for Jun–Jul–Aug.

Eat the full buffet or just have a snack. Pay-what-you-can registration available:

Tonight‘s dinner was pretty remarkable on multiple fronts. Rachel said it was the best pork chop she had ever had. I picked these tomahawk pork chops up yesterday at Firebirds Meat Market in OKC, over on Council. Never cooked these before, I’ve wanted to cook tomahawk ribeyes but I have not yet. It’s on my summer smoke bucket list.

This beautiful blog post and narrative by Cori Saas from May 2020 started the day for Shelly and I in a most beautiful way. I highly recommend this short tale:

Via Alan Levine, who I follow on Instagram:

This game created by is 1 of the games we played with family last night: "NASA Firsts!"

It was fun & I learned some new trivia about NASA spaceflights, past & present!

@cogdog Hey you might add the "https://" on your main website in your Mastodon profile, that way it will be clickable :-)

This is the preset (which anyone can directly import into the app) to compress our hour-long show videos downloaded from into approx 100MB 360P versions

We upload these to each week for our video podcast feed. /2

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I've had to turn in my school laptop, so I'm getting a personal MacBook Air (my wife's) setup now to use this summer before getting another school computer. Just downloaded Handbrake so I can compress podcast videos:

I rearranged my iPhone home screen a little, adjusting widgets & moving some apps to the front. Google Tasks is now on my Home Screen (not in a folder)

This photo says it all. Praise God our youngest daughter, Rachel, has graduated from high school & our family is about to start new adventures together. Yesterday was a wonderful graduation ceremony & time of celebration with family & friends. Our hearts are full. We are so thankful.

Sautéed onions 🧅 with leftover pulled pork 🐷 , scrambled eggs 🍳 , Creole Seasoning and a little Pace Picante Sauce 🌶

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