I joined WT.social and posted a few things... I found a BBQ group! wt.social/u/wfryer

I learned about the new social network "WT.social" listening to a Jimmy Wales interview by Ethan Zuckerman on his "Future of the Internet" podcast tonight. Great conversation! pca.st/bnutsd6u

& get ready to register March 1! The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy will be ALL ONLINE again this summer, & will be July 11-16, 2021! I've participated the past two years & it's been FANTASTIC! digiuri.com/

Excellent interview by Kevin Roose of the New York Times on podcast, about the challenges Qanon conspiracy believers have had since Inauguration Day pca.st/episode/5d7f448e-0a70-4

I'm continuing to teach a multi-part unit on Conspiracy Theories for 6th graders in our Media Literacy class. Today students continued planning their culminating video projects using Adobe Spark. Lessons on: mdtech.casady.org/lessons/cons

Observe the small child
bent over the forest trail,
a tiny fist protecting
the fragile remains
of a shattered eggshell,
and then gazing up
into the clear day sky -

Neither science nor faith
can answer all the questions
racing through their
curious mind, about time
and fate and who'll escape,
and who won't, and when,
and why

#smallpoems for #openwrite, inspired by a MLK quote about science and religion, entwined

A creepy & unfortunate sign that the model of Facebook is toxic for us. 2 of my options in iOS explaining why I wanted to hide a Facebook advertisement were “knows too much” & “too personal”

Here is a blog post summary of that paywalled analysis of U.S. legal cases involving Creative Commons licenses article I shared a few minutes ago scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org/20

Haven't been here in awhile... news from Twitter today has me wondering if we'll soon see the end of Twitter as we know it... But that may be better for the cause of liberal democracy, such as it is today in 2019.


The article "The only job a robot couldn’t do" by Daniel Carter is an eye opening read about the "Gig Economy" and raises a host of issues which relate to digital citizenship . Definitely a recommended read: theoutline.com/post/2393/the-o

If you're a Google administrator (GSFE / Gsuite) I highly recommend checking out the GSFE Admin's Podcast. Episode 17 was particularly good covering a range of issues, including the importance of mandating 2 step for all users in your domain, recent security incidents involving Google schools, IP printing, and more. Great stuff: llennon.podbean.com/e/episode-

This has been a long time coming... I wrote a post last night: Why I’m Switching from iPhone to Android (Part 1) speedofcreativity.org/2017/11/

After listening to several educational podcasts today, including a great interview with Dr. Mitch Resnick about his new book, " Lifelong Kindergarten: Cultivating Creativity through Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play," I was inspired to record a new podcast on "Moving at the Speed of Creativity." I titled it "EdTech Struggles and Aspirations." It's just over 48 minutes long: speedofcreativity.org/2017/09/

I recorded a 15 minute narrated slideshow using some slides I shared recently with elementary teachers at my school, and posted this online tonight in "Considering Audience and Purpose for Classroom Websites." speedofcreativity.org/2017/08/

I wrote a post this weekend about the mobile media scavenger hunt platform and app, GooseChase. My wife and I have used GooseChase for three different workshops this summer, and it has been great! Highly recommend it. speedofcreativity.org/2017/08/

Oh this Model 3 announcement from Tesla is such GOOD news! Our transition from fossil fuel vehicles can't come soon enough... bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

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