Do any of my friends out there know: Has SPICE been globalized? Is it being used and/or translated in other parts of the world?

A glass of wine, the record player playing, and a notebook full of notes needing transcribed into my Obsidian database. The perfect thing, for me, for an afternoon downpour.

I need a based that lacks all the sleazy stuff packs into theirs?

I've used Brave and it's okay but I'm not into all the extra BitCoin, etc. stuff they have there.

Is there a nice, stripped down, private and secure Chromium-based browser out there?

did a really nice interview and write-up of the new book @rhiannongrant and I co-edited.

The book is unique in its approach and voice within . A few folks on here have chapters on it too: @maco and @dbakins are two.

I am not one to brag but I get to hang out with @rhiannongrant all of next week! Can't wait.

@stux @DataDrivenMD newbie question. I am on how do I find this same information for that instance? I’d like to support there if I can.

Here's my .

I am a minister, educator, and theologian. I worked at in , NC with my wife and our children.

I have been blogging since 2000 on Xanga and have been active in building online community on many platforms.

My academic interests are around , Participatory Culture, , , , , , And the .

I enjoy Music, time w my family & riding my motorcycle.

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I'm glad to be here. I joined because of Twitter's failures, not just because of the horrendous new leadership but because I want something different from an online community. I hate the algorithms that rule our lives. Everything turned into a commodity. The popularity contests and the group mentality. I came here because I wanted something different from what Twitter is and offers. I'm happy to learn what it means to be on this platform and how to contribute. Thanks for having me.

@wayoflife I’d be happy to walk you through how I use if that would ever be helpful. I want to know more about how you use a in your classes.

Voted! Walked over to our neighborhood polling place with 3 kids and dog and voted. May Democracy prevail.

@LifeByStills I agree. And also it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other words to use.

It’s not hard to be sensitive about using words that describe/connect to marginalized people.

Or event better, no need to label it anything. Just come on over, say you’re new and get started. We all know what’s going on. not gonna lie, I kind of want to make one now! 🤦‍♂️

Show thread was Quaker Quaker an early “instance” for Quakers?

@brentcmusic in comparing app, you should check out Mast. It has a dark mode and a few more customization features.

@WiteWulf Awesome. That helps me know that local is .cloud not local where I live!!! 😂

@WiteWulf if you don’t mind me asking, does that mean you saw my post come up on the federated timeline? Was it through the hashtag? I’m curious as a newcomer.

@WiteWulf Oh wow. Thanks. I didn’t realize it’s limitations. Firing up MetaText now.

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