Do any of my friends out there know: Has SPICE been globalized? Is it being used and/or translated in other parts of the world?

did a really nice interview and write-up of the new book @rhiannongrant and I co-edited.

The book is unique in its approach and voice within . A few folks on here have chapters on it too: @maco and @dbakins are two.

Here's my .

I am a minister, educator, and theologian. I worked at in , NC with my wife and our children.

I have been blogging since 2000 on Xanga and have been active in building online community on many platforms.

My academic interests are around , Participatory Culture, , , , , , And the .

I enjoy Music, time w my family & riding my motorcycle.

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@RebeccaWynter - Glad you posted your like. I'm looking forward to building a strong list as well. So let's get this thing started!

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