I need a based that lacks all the sleazy stuff packs into theirs?

I've used Brave and it's okay but I'm not into all the extra BitCoin, etc. stuff they have there.

Is there a nice, stripped down, private and secure Chromium-based browser out there?

@wess I use Brave but have all that nonsense turned off. I even turn off Brave’s built-in adblocking and rely on Ublock origin.

@wess It's not perfect but you can disable the brave wallet / crypto stuff in have m brave. It uses significantly less ram than chrome. I haven't hit any significant issues. The only thing is occasional issues with the ad blocker, as to be expected, but you can report broken sites from within the browser and temporarily disable it per site

@wess I went with Vivaldi. It's very nice. I recommend it. It was developed by the founder of Opera when leaving that project, and Opera was bought by a Chinese consortium. Vivaldi is now leading Fox.

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