@wess I was using the official one for a while but have just started with metatext and it’s much nicer. Official iOS app maintainer refuses to implement local and federated timelines, so I wouldn’t have seen your post without metatext 😀

@WiteWulf if you don’t mind me asking, does that mean you saw my post come up on the federated timeline? Was it through the hashtag? I’m curious as a newcomer.

@wess I was looking through the local timeline on the mastodon.cloud server/instance

@WiteWulf Awesome. That helps me know that local is .cloud not local where I live!!! 😂

@wess yeah, I believe the original intention was that instances would have themes to them or attract like minded people, and the local timeline would reflect that. But the bigger instances are so heavily populated that’s not so much the case now, although it may still be on the smaller ones. I believe mastodon.cloud has ~220k users now!

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