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Whether you just joined Mastodon or revive/push-up your profile you can follow me & i try to share with other user on/offline (please no inappropriate content as many users are students & their families , thanks)

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=Per Mile Gallons

most cars he drives use 8 PMG & can
pull away his bank account
& house value

It's #introduction time! I'm a kitten and cat foster, work at the local animal shelter, and create videos about kitten care, cat health, and fostering on my Kitten School channel on YouTube. I'm based in #Orlando and also love #IndieMusic, #gardening, #history, #reading tons of #books, + #vegan cooking.

It's always #Caturday here, so expect lots of cute photos of my fosters (past and present) + tips for cat parents everywhere! 馃樆

#CatFoster #Cat #Kitten #Cats #Kittens #catsadon #CatsOfMastodon

........ [ vivaldi HQ }

Sinclair ZX81. It had a Z80 processor and 1 kb of memory, although I had a 15 kb memory pack as well.

it was 50BC [before divoc covid]
it was faster than Sinclair C5 superfast scooter (15mph on a ski slope)


Alone Musk is Having a Mastodontic crisis while Jeremy Hunt is dealing with a Trussodontic situation ,
Fediverse is de-centralised , Twitter is de-moralised .
Mastodon re-incarnated as social Elephantic media , Musk & his bird may extinct , his body flown to space & re-incarnate as alien from outer space . ~humour

website of artist with link to

Mastodon page V


Irish B & B site with link to

i found this downloadable logo image you can use if can & want to

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