Having a day off. Doing dumb sorting of my maker room(/junk storage) I am hehehhehe

I just realized. All of twitter/mastodon's problems could be solved by disabling the ability to link people and dragging them in the conversation

Wow @wilw being bullied of mastodon is basically the definition of being a shitty community. Mastodon needs some good blocking and filter tooling

Anyway, take your victory lap and collect your prizes. You've made it clear that I'm not welcome here, and even though I disagree with the action this Admin is taking (banning me when I didn't break any rules doesn't seem right), I respect and support the Admin's decision to run their instance the way they see fit.

Please do your very best to be kind to each other. The world is a terrible place right now, and that's largely because it is what we make it.



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Meanwhile i'm printing an infinity gauntlet for a colleague's kid. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

So. Finally done with the bird site. Going to go explore this place a bit instead. Sticking to this instance for now. I see a lot of people opening up multiple accounts on multiple instances. Is that a thing?

So i think i didnt cut off enough of the threaded rods. I will recut them again later. First to get this thing printing

Making a new minecraft series where I compete against someone for the approval of the boss of Evil corp. the series is called "Evil Genius Craft" youtu.be/o4AiIQbiAp4

Listening to the s town podcast. Weirdly interesting

Just finished "For we are many" the new book in the bobiverse series. Loved it.... wondering when book 3 will drop

So spent about half an hour on the bike. Wow its been long. No longer giving a fuck on how dopey a chubby dude on a race bike looks kinda helps. Need to get fit

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