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Looking forward to the new shpongle album!

Soooo. Whats been happening here

Getting ready to podcast with @chaeseco for the polymaticast

So i think i didnt cut off enough of the threaded rods. I will recut them again later. First to get this thing printing

Making a new minecraft series where I compete against someone for the approval of the boss of Evil corp. the series is called "Evil Genius Craft"

Listening to the s town podcast. Weirdly interesting

Just finished "For we are many" the new book in the bobiverse series. Loved it.... wondering when book 3 will drop

So spent about half an hour on the bike. Wow its been long. No longer giving a fuck on how dopey a chubby dude on a race bike looks kinda helps. Need to get fit

Mass effect andromeda does fun things with the g910 keyboard from Logitech

Sooo. Whats the deal with all the local chatter being Japanese all of a sudden. What did i miss?

We are legion (we are bob) was a wonderfully enjoyable book. Loved it. Next book is out next week :)

Modded minecraft is more fun than i expected.

The new Polymaticast is out!

@chaeseco and I talk about Mastodon and our adventures in social media in this episode.

And on youtube:

Also available in itunes! (new episode will show up in a couple of minutes )

Uploading the latest Polymaticast to youtube. In place for release in 25 minutes :D