So i think i didnt cut off enough of the threaded rods. I will recut them again later. First to get this thing printing

Making a new minecraft series where I compete against someone for the approval of the boss of Evil corp. the series is called "Evil Genius Craft"

Listening to the s town podcast. Weirdly interesting

Just finished "For we are many" the new book in the bobiverse series. Loved it.... wondering when book 3 will drop

So spent about half an hour on the bike. Wow its been long. No longer giving a fuck on how dopey a chubby dude on a race bike looks kinda helps. Need to get fit

Sooo. Whats the deal with all the local chatter being Japanese all of a sudden. What did i miss?

We are legion (we are bob) was a wonderfully enjoyable book. Loved it. Next book is out next week :)

The new Polymaticast is out!

@chaeseco and I talk about Mastodon and our adventures in social media in this episode.

And on youtube:

Also available in itunes! (new episode will show up in a couple of minutes )

Uploading the latest Polymaticast to youtube. In place for release in 25 minutes :D

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