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Hal Tarkington built a working jetpack entirely from materials found drifting in the bottomless pit. He learned to regulate the speed of his fall to catch up with salvageable junk thrown into the pit long before him, in the days before all trash became edible.

It took him fifty years to build the jetpack and another five hundred years to fly back out.

Finally flying high above a world that had forgotten him, he crowed, "I'M BACK, FUCKERS!!!"

No one cared.

Web browsers have been developed into complete operating systems in themselves just in time for the Internet to collapse forever. Perfect.

set new nfcmb sticker on a harsh noise/doom concert.

Today, Stand With in Support of Trans Rights

In response, we will be donating 100% of our share of every sale today, August 4th (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time) to the Law Center, a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to change law, policy, and culture for the more equitable.

If you like , buy my work here.

Auch wenn die Veranstaltungen in Amerika ziemlich gut sind, würde ich nicht die Landesgerenzen übertreten. Zu undurchsichtig sind mir die einzelenen Gesetzeslagen der Bundesstaaten und insgesamt misstraue ich der derzeitigen amerikanischen Regierung zutiefst. Vielleicht sollten wir endlich mal eigene veranstaltungen auf die Beine bringen. Defcon Europe vielleicht?

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