What several citizens from multiple planets reported as a supernova was actually a controlled detonation of confiscated plasma torpedos by voidcontrol. The radiation from this disposal has been calculated to not interfere with any inhabited planets. There is no need for concern.

The illegal transport of sentient beings for the purpose of harvesting their hallocinogenic bodily fluids will be punished as kidnapping plus drug trafficing. Sentences will be accumulated.

From a citizen: "Dear voidctrl, my planet recently suffered from orbital bombardment, reducing most buildings to rubble. Afterwards your units landed on my porch and sued me for littering. Is that just?"

Dear citizen,

Congratulations to voidcontrol unit 18.744b for 200 years of service! The Dschubba system still remembers your bravery during the nanobot incident of 3319. We're sure they'll find your original body eventually! Here's to 200 more years!

Please share: voidcontrol searching for two missing Glyrpnargh infants near the Rasalhague system. Last seen 60 hours ago. They are both 70 feet tall, brightly purple colored, emit acidic vapor and respond to the names Glörp and Gläbnar. Approach with caution.

Reminder for all freighter pilots that tachyon-ion drives will not be granted a renewed emissions certification for near-planet trajectories as according to vc18.635d, §12a.

Good news for all holonet users: the sentient AI responsible for the recent disturbances has been disabled after it stopped working due to an overrun memory partition.

All psyonically capable citizens are banned from using their powers in public places until further notice. Failure to comply will be punished with imprisonment. All voidcontrol units have been equipped with anti-psyonic implants.

The rampaging xeno-creature at Gliese 876 orbital station has been subdued and identified as a mostly hairless mammalian biped. Local voidcontrol experts are currently investigating the origin of this unknown species. All decks have been reopened to the public. Thanks to the colleagues from station security for the efficient collaboration.

We're currently investigating a local distortion of spacetime in the Vega system that caused a traffic jam to form a Möbius strip. Individuals have reported they've been stuck in there, "like, literally, forever". All further traffic will be rerouted through Epsilon Lyrae. Please follow the signs.

Scientists are advised to maintain half the regular speed limit of a planetary system when passing between a planet and its ring system.

Reminder that the abuse of infrared space telescopes for voyeurism is both punishable for voyeurism and misappropriation of scientific instruments.

Despite regular publications on the subject, many citizens still falsely assume that when traveling near the speed of light, copyright claims will expire at their subjective time. Please read up on document vc18.277y, §45-3a before sharing copyrighted material.

Following today's ruling, posing as a voidcontrol unit in holospace will be treated identical to posing as a unit in physical space, meaning a strict 25.000 hour sentence in an isolation cube. Youngsters seeking to express their admiration are to make an appointment in their respective recruitment station.

Every unit at voidcontrol values the biological and societal diversity of our managed systems. However, following today's ruling, the Euzärian greeting procedure will be treated as an assault when enacted on other species with orifices. Thank you for your understanding.

The fees for parking in the orbit of Kepler-12b have been lifted due to lack of public usage. Citizens are advised however to respect the designated lanes and inform themselves beforehand about the orbital periods of that system.

There's a significant bounty on the group or individual responsible for the malware that has forced autonomous harvesters to produce planet-wide crop circles on the agrarian worlds of the S Cassiopeiae system. Report all helpful leads to your local suppression drone.

A red and hostile place where a prison colony spawns a culture with a lower crime rate than the original settlers.

Just because you crammed a rodent in chemically enforced hibernation into an autonomous industrial machine does not mean it will be taxed as a cyborg rather than as a robot.

The voidcontrol PR department strongly disagrees that using a gas giant as an exemplary case of consistently low crime rates was somehow whitewashing the statistics. Gaseous citizens have to submit to the same code of law as solids.

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