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Everyone will find something to get through the quiet days 👍

I would go for Fugazis' Repeater first ⚡

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Visited to see if they had a Christmas display. Sadly fewer and fewer places are doing this anymore

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Interesting choice in exterior decorations. Suspect and classic videogames were an influence somewhere along the line

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In memory of Dennes Dale "D." Boon, lead singer of the American punk rock trio Minutemen, and member of The Reactionaries and The Nig-Heist, deceased in a traffic accident on this day in 1985 at the age of 27

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Sarah the mule, whose ears divert local air traffic and probably have their own weather. #asstodon

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Poison Ivy and Candy Del Mar 😍

Sorry no more Description, which I personally don't need for this photo 😊 (except for the photographer)

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I know I’m back in when the coffeehouse is telling me they’re coffee is deadly and that’s a good thing

Who’d have thought getting something as stated on menu would be considered a special order

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Happy Birthday to Mike Watt, American bassist, vocalist, songwriter, co-founder of Minutemen, Dos, fIREHOSE, and involved in several other music projekts, born on this day in 1957, Portsmouth

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@historyofpunkrock Love the Minutemen. Double Nickels on the Dime has stood the test of time spectacularly. All the albums were great. Fantastic live as well, of course. They jammed econo.

New expansion to is a nice little add-on to an already addictive game

Finally finished work for 2022 😁 deleted outlook from phone to prevent me taking a sneak peak at emails

really looking forward to relaxing until 2023

Can the UK afford to increase public sector pay? Good article that clearly shows it’s a political decision rather than economic one

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39 years ago today

Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood is the second full-length album by American horror punk band Misfits, released on this day in 1983.

This was the last recorded album to feature founding member and lead vocalist, Glenn Danzig.

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#TVshows #threecommentreview

1. From the perspective of having read and thoroughly enjoyed @GreatDismal’s novel of same name, I found the first season of the #ThePeripheral complemented my mind’s interpretation of the source material. A few wobbles in early episodes but the season finishes strongly and has left me wanting more. NB. stay after the credits roll on episode 8.

2. The cast and their craft is very good overall with standout performances from Chloë Grace Moretz as Flynne, Gary Carr as Wilf, and Alexandra Billings as Inspector Lowbeer. They were born for these roles 🙌

3. Post-Jackpot London is a gleaming monument to all that humanity has achieved and wrought upon the world, our flaws amplified beneath a veneer of technological progress. It is beautiful and terrible, and just as I had imagined it.

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