today is a day to recognize americans' brave sacrifices throughout history

This is not even my final form.

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Spread the news, it's legit, @maloki and @Gargron boost to prove it!

Microblog (in 5 parts) inc. soon!

Alpha version of Nulis is online! I'm so happy =)

Nulis is a tree editor for writers, making the process of outlining your stories, articles, and books easy and convenient.

Come check it out! I would really love to hear what you think about it.

(For now Nulis works best in Chrome, and there's no mobile version yet.)

The first 100 early adopters who will test it and send me some feedback or bug reports will receive free lifetime accounts!

#startup #writing #tech #creativity

If you ever code something that "feels like a hack but it works", just remember that a CPU is literally a rock that we tricked into tinking.

#programming #showerthoughts #funny

Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent.

@mpj This is why I wan't to be a professional programmer, because you never stop learning. Your horizon will keep expanding.

"Programming is a marathon, not a sprint"

I always look forward for the next video.

Welcome new followers! If you're not aware, I'm a member of the #GIMP team and a photo nerd.

I decided to smoosh those two things together to create a community based around photography+free software =

Please feel free to come join us so we can all be photo nerds together! :D

#photography #FreeSoftware #GIMP #darktable #RawTherapee #digikam

Annnd our #LDJAM game is done! This was ridiculously fun, and I found out that @Pecca and @winniehell are very good gamejamming partners! <3

Also, only events like game jams bring me in a flow which lets me work on something without interruptions for 16 hours straight! *_* (But now I'm tired!)

You can download "A Bloody Small World" here:

Check out Gitmoji, an guide for your comments 😂🔥💡


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Try to remember today that if someone asks for your help, it's probably not because they're lazy; it's probably because they respect your opinion. Giving them a dismissive RTFM or LMGTFY is just short-sighted and not helping to foster growth in the community (not to mention slightly arrogant as well).

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