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"Nós não somos seres individuais, o humano é um ser que fala, e a fala é coletiva. Não há indivíduo, isso é uma ilusão criada pelo iluminismo. Não há indivíduo, há singularidade, cada um de nós somos singularidades no mundo em que estamos, mas esta singularidade está instaurada no coletivo." Santaella

"Millennials trying to break down so many barriers at once, only to get buried in the rubble of the structures built by those who came before." The Take

"In the end, this short-sighted selfishness often backfires on a "Karen", as the sad irony is she works hard to prop up a system that doesn't serve her well. While her position as a well-off white woman may allow her to mistreat many people, she'll also always be held back by the patriarchal society which limits her prospects." The Take.

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"The racist history of the "Karen" illuminates that the white women have long been victims of a patriarchal society themselves. They have a legacy of frequently responding to this by taking out their repressed rage on the people beneath them. Instead of channeling her own experiences with discrimination to form empathy for other women or marginalized people, she takes comfort that her privilege still places her above most others."

“If we ain’t walking toward an altar to sacrifice ourselves for something important, what is our purpose?” Dora, Lovecraft Country

"Só é ensino verdadeiro aquele que consegue despertar uma insistência naqueles que escutam, esse desejo de saber que só pode surgir quando eles próprios tomaram a medida da ignorância como tal - naquilo em que ela é, como tal, fecunda - e Isso também vale para aquele que ensina" Jacques Lacan

"Vaught's probably trying to play both sides, they had their people politically on the right & on the left, both corrupt in their pocket. It does make sense for Vaught to control both sides of this debate, it's an information war for people's minds and if they control both sides of the argument, they can have controlled opposition against them where Congresswoman Newman is shaping the conversation on that side but in a way that will never actually do lasting harm to Vaught." Mike Rougeau

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Today I woke up and saw someone posting an article entitled "If You Are Not Happy with the State of Magic, Stop Giving Wizards Your Money"

It's about Magic the Gathering, but man. It really took me a minute.

7 months of quarantine and I've only watched these movies/docs.

"A ideia de sanar todas as necessidades humanas é uma ideia que nasce no impossível, mas que é um horizonte onde mirar." Leo, mimimidias.

"A ecologia atravessa todas as preocupações de nossas lutas e a sociedade que queremos." Sabrina Fernandes

"You act like I'm uptight, and then, I follow suit. I become uptight. It's the most frustrating dynamic on the planet." Marnie, Girls HBO

“Everything affects everything else, you think your life may not be affecting too many people but it does, your silence affects people, your silence is sometimes more deadly than your words and you don’t know it.” - Serj Tankian

“I tell my students, ‘When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.” — Toni Morrison

"what we know is a drop,
what we do not know is an ocean."

"A ideia da luta antirracista não é apenas para reforçar a ideia de raça, e sim superar o racismo, a diferenciação de pessoas pelas suas raças." Silvio Almeida

"O branco pobre está na miséria também, mas olha para o negro, e pensa 'acho que não está tão ruim assim'. É um salário psicológico." Silvio Almeida

"If we want an intersectional perspective, the trans community is showing us the way. The trans community has taught us to challenge that which is perceived to be normal. If we can challenge the gender binary, we can challenge prisons." – Dr. Angela Davis

“Você deve agir como se fosse possível transformar radicalmente o mundo. E deve fazer isso o tempo inteiro.” — Angela Davis

"Qual seria a consequência coletiva do meu desejo individual?"

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