"This new age of the sympathetic villain is more about understanding the structure that enable bad people. And there's actually optimism in this trend, it shows we're willing to look honestly at villains on screen and off, to hold ourselves and our society accountable instead of making anti-heroic excuses. The sympathetic villain story makes us identify with a devil in order to confront the demons within and might just offer us useful exorcism." youtube.com/watch?v=zIPJlCGTHx

So instead of doing any introspection, they remain hypervigilant to root out the secret bad people so everyone else know they're one of the good ones.

Racism is a complex system upheld from all wings of our society, from laws to hiring practices, to generational wealth, to community redlining, to internal biases, to individual actions. We live in a white supremacy society. When you live in a pigpen, you're gonna get cover in shit." Lindsay Ellis

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"There's this incredibly childish dicotomy with the way a lot of people discuss racism, that there are the racists and the non-racists, the two genders. And the way to solve racism is to root out the racists and cast them off to racist island, away from me and the non-racists, one of the good ones. They do this because they are insecure about their own internalized racism, they cannot concieve that they have any, that thought is terryfying to them because a racist is the worst thing you can be,+

"O desânimo é filho do orgulho, pq a esperança requer humildade de que o problema é de todos e a solução também."

“Em sua nova versão, é da própria vida que o capital se apropria; mais precisamente, de sua potência de criação e transformação na emergência mesma de seu impulso” Suely Ronik

"desconstruir não é suficiente para transformar, é preciso, além disso, empatia.

(...) se não encontramos nossa própria loucura na loucura alheia não poderemos jamais acolhê-la como realmente nossa." Christian Dunker uol.com.br/tilt/colunas/blog-d

“One without knowing might become a perpetrator aggressor. Because one thought one was a victim, one can become a perpetrator. It’s good to doubt yourself. It is good not to overly believe in oneself. Everyone has a side inside of them that is a cruel person.“ Hajime Isayama

"At the end of the day, what did we learn from it? Can you say you know anything about the exotic animal trade? How they arrived in the US, or the stakes for their endangerment? Can you say you know anything about animal rights activism beyond the statements from Carole, whose credibility is shot down in episode 3? When you think about it, the show is guilty of the very thing it accuses Joe of doing - abandoning its initial cause for the spectacle." youtube.com/watch?v=UAm55quXPM

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"Rick is an aspirational character because it gives people an excuse to stay where they are... to be alone, and to feel superior" Ben Kuchera, Polygon

"Critical studies is not here to shame you for what you like, much as it apparently feels that way to some people. But rather to help give us the tools to question the media we consume & what it says about the culture that created it." Lindsay Ellis

"I don't think people watch this for its political ideology, it's a comedy & it does comedy good. But it's important to engage with media critically & to consider how it might affect those who don't. Especially when it comes to police, cause the idea they protect people comes from television."

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"(…) the basic premise of Hamilton is propaganda, taking a violent shameful institution and repackaging it so that people can feel good about it and as much as I enjoy it, B99 does exactly the same thing: it reimagines a brutal and violent institution as a moral force for good." youtube.com/watch?v=2_njniUOi-

We do run the risk of being disappointed time and time again by people who don't share that ideal, who show the horrible things that humanity is capable of, but for every horrible thing humanity is doing, we must also look at the good. The people helping the hungry, communities that will gather around to help support our boy with cancer or the ones who go out of their way to feed the homeless or even just one simple act of kindness."

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"Cynicism is lazy, negative thinking disguised as wisdom. It's the easiest thing to do with the express purpose of limiting expectations to run away from the fear and pain of disappointment. Optimism, not blind optimism, is significantly harder. You have to be able to look at all the negative aspects of our world in society and still hope for a better future, to believe it is possible.

"Nice is about appearances. Kind is about what's right.
Nice is when it doesn't cost you anything. When it really costs you, is when you know what you're made of." Jonathan Decker

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“You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it." Morpheus, The Matrix

"Instead of worshiping glossy famous supers, we should be valuing the ordinary anonymous heroes and striving to become one of them ourselves." The Take

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