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your reminder that frank ocean's coming out letter is the best thing ever written in the English language

lifestyles of the rich and vacuous, irresponsible boy capitalists 

what sort of a name is mcskillet?

anyway the supercar club youtube brigade needs to explain itself
(as if)

actual tattoo idea i had once:

skull surrounded by a bunch of opium poppies

got one of those old timey right angle drills stuck in the head of it

got a little paper scroll underneath it that says "Don't Drill A Hole In Your Head"

there's no real meaning other than maybe don't trepan yourself.

mildly nsfw, Paleolithic nudes compared to modern nudes 

This is so, so amazing. Evidence that #Paleolithic #Venus statues were basically carved by women as self-portraits. #womensart Source:

He was a terrible war monger and the world heals a little when people like him die. If only he could have taken the rest of the regime with him, alas.

It's weird that some people insist in showing respect to his legacy of death, or pretending it can be forgotten when a single human dies, and when I see that it causes me to question the fundamental values of that person.

fucked up but true: every time you self boost you lose half an inch off your height

Drug paraphernalia 

Got this implement might fuck about later and test it.

My first mastodon selfie! I added new colors today! I kind of like the orange tho it was unintentional

definitely seems like this new australian lad is someone whom should be pissed upon

i feel constrained to point out that australia is not fuzzy and huggy and egalitarian and easy going

i just wrote seagull shit erotica at 5 AM

what the hell am i doing with my life

it's times like these that I'm grateful employers will never check your Mastodon profile(s)


imagine the following scenario:

you're standing on the shores of a nudist beach, your long dong erect and pointing out into the ocean's seemingly endless expanse

then a seagull shits on your exposed cock

Mastodon but every time you make a bad toot your character limit is reduced by 1

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