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I'm interested in:
- history (i'm doing a PhD)
- literature & literary theory
- mathematics
- trade unions
- sex positive socialism
- sex worker activism
- technology
- shit posting
- giving the guillotine to the rich

hey guys!! it's my BIRTHDAY!!!! ^_^ can i get some boosts!!! :D

We're up all night 'til the sun
We're up all night to get some
We're up all night for good fun

We're up all night to post puppy

four Friday #selfies

i’m old & sad & sleep deprived
& i don’t wear makeup
{except lipstick; but not here}
& i don’t feel like smiling today
but i pretended things are fine for the last one.

boost for "fuck landlords", fav for "fuck landlords". if you do both it stacks

introduction + my music 

hi! :heart_trans: i'm Mabel. i'm a musician, writer, & occasional nude-poster. i'm also a transgirl, horny degenerate, & yet another one of them commies.

i mostly make music as Don't do it, Neil. it's indie pop inspired by emo, bossa nova, video game music, etc. you can listen here:

i also write & design tabletop RPG stuff, but the birdsite almost entirely ruined my ability to talk about it on social media--if you wanna know more, just ask!

i may have tweeted about this but one story i think about a lot is a friend of mine who went to grade school with a kid whose middle name was telemachus and all the other kids would torment him by chanting "tel-e-machus. tel-e-machus. that's his middle name! that's his middle name!"

The act of describing a program in unambiguous detail and the act of programming are one and the same.

fucked about, wrote a good chunk of thesis.

time to get serious and smoke a bong.

I know we've had a lot of disagreements here but I think we can all rally around the idea that Aquaman definitely fucks the fish

and that's why we're starting a new political party: the FFF. Fight the Fucking Family. You have a racist uncle? Burn his house down

i truly believe jar jar fucked. he fucked padme. and obi wan. i will not be reading replies to this

When I’m president, the first executive order will be that all computers must have satisfying clunky power switches

where was luke skywalker during infinity war... he could have used his lightstick to cut Thannno's head off but he didn't.. guess he's not really a Jetti lol

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