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hmu if any of you are free to hang out later/this weekend 😜 we’ll most likely be playing some jackbox games & the best way to do that is discord streaming + voice chat but lmk if there’s a problem w that

am now judging everything on a scale from nicki’s verse in woman like me to her verse in monster

@utena actually my one accomplishment is that i didn’t hurl cuz i really felt close a couple times. 1 point for me.

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good thing my gf is an angle and his potato soup is delicious...

oh fuck the solo skills banner comes out tonight. fuck shit

the most restless sweaty sleep waking up at 4 & still not being completely rid of the headache. is there anything better than this 😩

i thought sleeping in til 2 bc of migraine was bad. oh boy.

this is so reminiscent of the time my mom used some cringe way of referring to autism and i made a face and she was like. “yes i know this triggers you :)”. what a memory

getting amano’s art permanently affixed to your body in any context is mind-boggling to me. you really want that huh

@utena and amazing how me and casey are apparently the only ones who retained information from it even though we are the least willing participants. send help.

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he’s reading a whole article that no one cares about out loud and stumbling over the words

it really blows my mind the kinds of beliefs you can hold about the world after living in it for more than 60 years......

@utena looking at these containers of food i’m gonna be using with visible suds all over them like. alright then

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really driving me insane that my stepdad thinks that soap just evaporates.... he’s been washing all our groceries off when we get em cuz corona but like. just wiping them with a soapy rag and then not rinsing them off in any way

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