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Today is the day! — Nitrux 2.2.0 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 2.2.0.

Check the changelog of the most recent version of Nitrux at our blog, link below.

PSA: We’ve updated the following packages.

- nitrux-hardware-drivers-legacy
- linux-firmware
- nvidia-x11-config
- nitrux-repositories-config
- nx-desktop-appimages-legacy

To update, check the PSA section at our website.

MauiKit Frameworks and Maui Apps 2.1.2 are now ready.
What to expect? A more coherent look and feel and better performance. More handy features.

Check the blog for more information.

#MauiKit #Maui #Nitrux #Convergence

Among the new changes in the NX Software Center is the addition of AppRepo ( as a source, adding to AppImageHub (

"Apprepo is a non-profit volunteer project."

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You will also find a new application, Bonsai.

Bonsai is a Git repository manager built with MauiKit, similar to the GitHub Desktop client.

As it's evident that the fix had to come from VBox. But it's easier to point the finger at Nitrux.

How do I know? Because I just tested that with an older ISO. So it wasn't an update for Plasma or KWin that fixed it.

Fucking idiot.


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Starting with VBox 6.1.34 distributions using Plasma and KWin can resize the window from System Settings without installing the Guest Additions first or switching to VBoxVGA or VBoxSVGA.

I wonder if that asshole who blamed us for not being able to resize the window in his video "review" can start choking on his words.

Here's an issue at our bug tracker to gather information about which wireless chips work out of the box or require extra configuration. If you'd like to help, add your wireless chip information in a comment, and we'll add it to the table afterward.

To display information about your network, do the following.

sudo lshw -C network

Note: We're removing LTS kernels from our repository due to the increased cost of serving a more considerable amount of bandwidth.

Note no.2: These kernels are NOT signed, which means they won't load with Secure Boot enabled. To load a signed kernel, you can use the Debian kernel.

To install this kernel, run:

- pkcon install linux-image-amd64 linux-headers-amd64

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To update these kernels (if installed), run:

- pkcon refresh && pkcon update

To install these other kernels, run:

- pkcon install linux-image-mainline-current
- pkcon install linux-image-libre-current
- pkcon install linux-image-xanmod-edge
- pkcon install linux-image-liquorix

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Kernel Updates: We have updated all the kernels available from our repository to their latest versions.

These include the following.

- Linux mainline ver. 5.17.7.
- Linux Libre ver. 5.17.6.
- Linux Liquorix ver. 5.17.0-5.2.
- Linux Xanmod ver. 5.17.6-xanmod1-x64v2.


Hello folk, could you please help me test a new #AppImage runtime that aims to be compatible with fuse 2 and 3?

Instructions can be found at:
#linux #ubuntu #debian #manjaro #centos #fedora #kalilinux #linuxmint #opensuse

PSA: We have updated the package: touchegg-kde to fix the touchpad gestures.

To update, do the following.

- pkcon refresh && pkcon update
- sed -i 's+Parachute+Overview+g' .config/touchegg/touchegg.conf

We are happy to announce that we have joined Open Collective today!. Open Collective is a platform where communities can collect and disburse money transparently to sustain and grow their projects.

In the past, we used Patreon and Liberapay, but we have chosen to go with Open Collective this time in an effort for transparency.

PSA: Plasma 5.24.5 is available as an upgrade. To update, run the following commands.

- pkcon refresh && pkcon update && pkcon repair

Today is the day! — Nitrux 2.1.1 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 2.1.1.

Check the changelog of the most recent version of Nitrux at our blog, link below.

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